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Drop out to start up

Stop wasting precious time, money and energy. Find a release from all that pressure. Declare your independence from the patronage of others and enjoy long-term professional and personal wellbeing.

Whether your goal is to identify and deal with acute problems, or to realistically utilise your personality, interest and strengths for your future:

Together, we can find the right approach.    


Together, we can find out: 

  1.     Where you stand, and what you can offer.

We analyse your current situation in a one-on-one meeting, using specialised testing procedures. This can provide you with valuable insights into your personality structures, skills and authentic desires. 

  1.     Where you want to go.

Using these insights as guidance and with the help of our experience and innovative methods, you can develop realistic plans and specific goals for the future.

  1.     How you get there

With our support, you can plan your route to success, step by step. Potential stumbling blocks and suitable strategies to deal with them will also be taken into account. Together, we can set the course so that you arrive safely in the future you want.

We are here to support you throughout all stages of the process, with expert tips and techniques, longstanding experience and, on request, using scientifically-founded and internationally recognised psychological tests, exercises and diagnostic methods. 

Our advice is individualised and discrete. Depending on the specific case, we cooperate with a range of other expert partners.