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Exit Art

Do you worry about your future? Are you afraid of criticism? Do you avoid thinking

about your finances? Do you dream of a fulfilling occupation? Have you met with uncertainty or frustration from family members? Are you a slave to the constraints

of the art market? Are you plagued with self-doubt? Do you feel societal pressure?

Is the idea of a life outside the art industry a liberating concept?

Stop wishing for the impossible,

get your big break - by breaking up!

Exit Art can help you to find a new perspective. Harness your creative potential and

let us help you to find a path towards a happier future.

Exit Art provides a team of experts trained in

  1.     Psychodiagnostics

  2.     Career planning


  1.     (Life-) Coaching


  1.     Financial advice


  1.     Social psychology

While many art dropouts encounter problems similar to those described above,

their motives for wanting to leave the art scene and the exit routes taken are as individual as the artists themselves. Exit Art provides tailored information, analyses

and advice: expertly, creatively and free of charge.